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Total Life Mastery

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Hi, Emily here.

Thanks again for becoming my newest member of the Natural Synergy Family.

Are you ready to turn your life around? I know you want a happy, healthy and more prosperous life. The kind of life that attracts friends, love and money like a magnet.

It's for this reason I'm giving you an exclusive opportunity. You can quickly gain control over ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE!

Almost overnight, good things will start to happen...

Good people will become attracted to you...

Money and opportunities will start to appear seemingly out of nowhere...

And you won't know why. But it's real and it works!

This little-known information is coming out to the general public soon, but I'm offering it to you as a one-time, EXCLUSIVE, new member deal.

Now, let me introduce...

Natural Synergy: The Next Phase


Total Life Mastery Course

How to Live an Unlimited Life!

The Total Life Mastery course is an easy to read guide based on the same principles used by enlightened, highly successful and incredibly wealthy people from around the world.

It will show you how to unleash the power of your mind to reach your full potential and control all areas of your life. It's filled with the principles and solutions to guide you in every area of your life including success, wealth and happiness.

Here's everything you get...

Total Life Mastery -
Life Principle Mastery Guide

Life Principle Mastery

Ever wonder why some are wildly successful while most people struggle at the bottom? Here are the no-B.S. answers.

There are over 200 pages of real-world proven principles that will help you build a no-limit life. Here are just a few...

The Universal Law of Attraction. Page 145. Understood by the greatest thinkers for over 2,000 years, this law is your tool that will attract success to you.

Any dead fish can swim downstream, go against the flow. Page 105. The art of critical thinking and how it will put you in front of the pack.

Use the process, trust the process. Page 164. An unorthodox way of thinking that will dramatically increase your memory instantly.

You can decide what's good or bad. Page 19. How to manage and control positive and negative thoughts; therefore controlling your emotions.

Surround yourself with success. Page 186. If you're the smartest person in your circle, you're in the wrong circle.

Have a belief system. Page 176. The principle of having something that's bigger than yourself is a powerful tool and an accurate pathway for you to follow.

Start with your why. Page 56. Uncovering and refining your passion, your talent, your love, and getting paid for it.

Successful people invest in themselves. Page 190. It's an investment that will continue to pay you for the rest of your life.

And much more...

Total Life Mastery takes you by the hand and leads you through life-changing principles such as:
1. The Principles In You: Making the Most of What You've Got.
2. The Principles of Losing: Getting Rid of What You Don't Need
3. The Principles to Apply: The Master Tools to Success
4. The Principles of Others: The Footsteps of Giants

We don't stop there. You also get...

Total Life Mastery -
Subliminal Binaural Acoustics

Binaural beats are an audio technology that promotes optimal brainwave states.

These audio tracks use the science of entrainment to ‘shift mental gears' at-will.

Each track uses a unique recipe of researched frequencies to move the brain into states ranging from intense focus to deep meditation.

Attract the love, money, and success you've always wanted up to three times faster,
Just by listening to these binaural audio tracks for 5 minutes a night.

Included are:

12 Digitally Recorded Tracks - 100% unique to Natural Synergy.

6 Tracks For Working - Powerful subliminal lessons to absorb while you are working, driving, gardening or any other activity.

6 Meditation Tracks - Listen to these guided meditations as you relax or begin to sleep.

Acoustics Pack

Upgrade Your Brain - Synchronize the left and right hemispheres of your brain and achieve higher concentration levels, optimal focus and enhanced learning abilities.

Meditate Like A Tibetan Monk - Effortlessly enter the Theta brainwave state and reap the immense benefits of deep meditation.

Strengthen Your Immune system - Trigger a cataclysm of immuno-upgrades, starting with better tissue alkalinity and elevated levels of epinephrine, while decreasing levels of cortisol (stress hormone).

Cure Insomnia and Banish Stress - Theta waves have potent stress relieving abilities. People who subject their mind to high levels of Theta waves can easily deal with stress and sleep soundly!

And, as part of this exclusive offer, you'll also receive...

Total Life Mastery -
Hypnosis Affirmation Videos

Manifest all your desires effortlessly and reap the tremendous benefits of hypnotic affirmations.

By learning these simple hypnosis techniques, you can quickly re-program your thoughts into positive, life-affirming actions.

These beautiful and exclusively created inspirational videos come complete with healing audios to take any area of your life to the next level.

Video Pack

Effortless Concentration - Allow your mind to seamlessly lock into the soft, hypnotic visuals and relaxing sounds, allowing your gaze to absorb subliminal suggestions.

Suppress Mental Chatter - Managing our internal dialogue (the voice of your mind), is critical if we want a happy and fulfilling life. An untrained internal dialogue is a leading cause of anxiety and depression. With this new mindset you'll not only be happy and relaxed, but you'll have an abundance of mental clarity and a fluid creative process. Rest assured you now have an instant "mute" button.

Speedy Rejuvenation - Accelerate your transformation by being able to get "in the zone" instantly. These techniques are ideal for people with short lunch breaks or a busy lifestyle.

Prevent Sleepiness - Falling asleep during a session is a common problem especially after a long day at work or after a meal. With visual aids, you can effortlessly maintain concentration while reaping maximum results.

You'll also get a 4th component to this amazing system.

Total Life Mastery -
Life Force Energy Exercises

Practiced by hundreds of millions of people for over 2000 years, these exercises naturally boost your life-force and invigorate your energy levels. These proven techniques keep gaining popularity century after century for one reason - they work!

These beautiful and exclusively created inspirational videos come complete with healing audios to take any area of your life to the next level.

Exercises Pack

Here are some of the effects experienced by our students.

Balance Your Yin and Yang - Harmonize and strengthen healing effects on all of the internal organs and bodily systems.

Live Longer - Increase the supply and flow of life-force energy (QI) throughout the body. Experience increased longevity as well as a relaxed mental and emotional states.

Calm and Clear Your Mind - When the mind is at peace, your whole universe seems at peace. With a quiet mind, you'll be able to think clearly and make better decisions. Stress will roll off you like water on a duck's back.

Restore Youthfulness - Enjoy increased energy, including sexual vitality and fertility.

Big Gain with No Pain - Although you won't feel out of breath, you'll reap significant physical benefits such as stronger bones, greater flexibility, improved circulation, lower blood pressure, a faster metabolism, improved balance and higher aerobic conditioning.


The Total Life Mastery Course retails for $349 and includes:

Life Principle Mastery Guide
Subliminal Binaural Acoustics
Hypnosis Affirmation Videos
Life Force Energy Exercises

Act now and save $282

As a new Natural Synergy Member, I'm offering this exclusive deal to you, today only. Purchase the entire course for only $67.

You will feel healthier and more energetic, or it won't cost you a dime. I guarantee it.

Our 100% Iron-Clad Guarantee of Satisfaction

I guarantee your satisfaction with our Natural Synergy: The Next Phase - TOTAL LIFE MASTERY COURSE.

If you don't feel better, more energetic, more alert, or aren't happy for any other reason just let me know within 60 days.

I'll give you a full and prompt refund, and you can keep the e-book with my compliments.

That way, you risk nothing.

So, what are you waiting for?

To order the TOTAL LIFE MASTERY COURSE on a 60-day risk-free trial basis, click here now:

Warm Regards,
Emily J Parker

P.S. Order the TOTAL LIFE MASTERY COURSE today and you get two additional Special Bonuses.

Mindfulness and Inner Peace (Worth $27)

25 Personal Growth Lessons for Tuning-in and Living Your Best Life

Live in the Moment - Begin to appreciate the little things in life that most people take for granted. By living in the moment, you stop "living for the weekends" and begin to see life as one giant weekend.

Live Happily - Mindfulness boosts the brain's serotonin levels which is your "happy hormone."

Protect Yourself from Psychological Issues - When you experience inner peace, you protect yourself from depression, substance abuse, anxiety disorders, couples' conflicts, and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Strengthen Your Body - Inner peace is the antidote to stress. With stress being the root of many debilitating diseases, you can expect lower blood pressure, improved sleep, clearer skin, and alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties.

Daily Happiness Boosting Habits (Worth $27)

25 Attitude Changing Routines That Will Trigger Happiness on Auto-Pilot

This eBook is more important than you think. Happiness is vital for our longevity and enjoying each day. If you aren't happy, this can help.

Become More Popular - People gravitate towards happy people. By having a sunny disposition, you'll find yourself being asked out to more social events, and having more people want to be in your company.

Greater Creativity - This is an excellent tool for creative people who need to "think outside the box" for dynamic projects.

Increased Productivity -Happy people find a way to enjoy what they do. They get on with the job and do it better than somebody whose mind is elsewhere.

A Successful Work Life - These techniques will help you handle stressful situations better and dealing with customers in a way that secures business relationships. Soon, you'll find that you'll have more options to move up in your workplace.

Take advantage of this generous offer and add these two bonuses for free by clicking below.

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